Sender Name

GSM standard for sender name is, 3 – 11 characters long and supported characters are A-Z, a-z, and 0-9. It might be possible to have less than 3 characters and/or use other characters than supported, but nothing Wiraya recommends and take responsibility for.

Characters and SMS length

We support GSM 03.38 and UCS-2-character set when sending SMS.

GSM 03.38 Character set can contain up to 160 characters for the first SMS. If an SMS contains more than 160 characters each SMS can only contain 153 characters each (including the first SMS). 

UCS-2 Encoding SMS sent with Unicode character set can contain 70 characters for the first SMS. SMS more than 70 characters can contain 67 characters each. 

Read more about GSM 03.38 and UCS-2 here

If other characters than GSM 03.38 is in copy, we will automatically send SMS with USC-2 Encoding.

Phone number

Format for phone number is MSISDN format, country code + national destination code + subscriber number, e.g. 46737072337. No starting zeros or + signs.

SMS Status

Read about our push notification here

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