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Optimove Integration

How to run a Wiraya campaign in Optimove and steps needed to set up the integration.

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Running a Wiraya campaign in Optimove

Once the Wiraya integration is up and running and the Wiraya communication journeys are loaded by the Wiraya onboarding team, follow these simple steps to target your customers.

In Optimove

  1. Create a Target Group selecting the customers based on your criteria.

  2. Use the Campaign Builder to schedule the campaign to run daily. The Wiraya communication is preconfigured to communicate on your preferred days and hours.

  3. In the Execution details, simply select Wiraya as the channel.

Steps needed to set up an integration from Optimove


Wiraya uses the mobile phone number to contact the customers. The phone number needs to be in MSISDN format. Country code + national destination code + subscriber number, e.g. 46737072337. No starting zeros or + signs.

Configurations in Optimove

If you haven't already signed up for the Optimove Service Desk portal do it here.

Once signed up you can access the form Production API (Third Party Vendor Access).

Select Wiraya -Direct 411 from the Third Party vendor list.

Specify the Customer Attributes to enable. At least phone number is required.

Optimove will provide the API username, password and API URL.

Send Attribute list and connection details to Wiraya

Send the Customer Attribute list to your Onboarding manager at Wiraya. It' is important that Wiraya get the technical names, not the display names shown in the Optimove UI.

Finally, send the API URL, the Username and password separately via an agreed and secure channel.

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