• Automate your workflow with the communication programs with Wiraya. Save time by removing all manual steps of extracting customers and upload contacts to Wiraya with the added benefit of reducing human errors.


  • All communication to our API is secure and the data is stored securely. You can define which information to be shared and when to be deleted. 

  • It's is GDPR compliant


  • Access our user friendly dashboard to follow the progress of your communication in real-time.

  • It's easy to present to your stakeholders

Increased flexibility

  • An API integration enable us to optimise our cooperation and make changes, tweaks and improvements

Machine learning 

  • API integration is the first step towards our machine learning platform which will over time increase your conversion rates even further

When you send us data you can either tag it as Personal or General data. Personal data is removed automatically, this period is defined in the Data Protection Agreement (DPA).

General data (green section in the image) is kept but is anonymised by removing the personal data (grey section in the image)

All data is stored and transferred using industry standard encryption. Data is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

We handle the data in accordance to European GDPR regulations.

There is a signed Data Protection Agreement for each customer.

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