The picture above is a screenshot of a project's reports page. Below you find an explanation of the key metrics in the report. These are the metrics you should look at to analyze your project: 

NOTE! In the "total"-column you can see the number for the total project from start until the current time, in the "Interval"-column you see the numbers for the time period that you chose. 

All metrics are shown in percentage on the right side of the view. 

Contacts: The number of contacts called
Pickups: Number of people answering one of the call attempts
Calls with key choices: Number of calls in which the receiver made a key choice
SMS not reached: Number of people that did not answer any of the call attempts and hence got the "not-reached"-SMS
Successful calls: Number of calls in which the receiver listened to the majority of the call (the number of seconds we set as a successful call differs from project to project depending on how long the call is)
Unique SMS link clicks: If you have included traceable links in the SMS (with CNAME/ subdomain), then this metric will let you know how many unique clicks the links have had
Called in: If you have included a traceable phone number in the SMS (a Wiraya owned phone number that is connected to your number) then this metric will let you know how many people have clicked that number in the SMS in order to call in.

Below you can find some screenshots explaining the reports page. 

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