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How to upload files to Wirayas sFTP File requirements

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You can either automate or manually upload contact lists to our sFTP server. If you upload the list daily, we recommend using a script to export the list to the sFTP server. This document will provide instructions on how to manually access the sFTP server for uploading contact lists.

1.1 Requirements

Access to the sFTP server requires an FTP-client. We suggest using a freeware program like FileZilla, especially if you're unfamiliar with the term. FileZilla can be downloaded for free at https://filezilla-project.org/.

1.2 Configuration

After installing the FTP-client, you'll need to set up the connection to the sFTP server. This process is straightforward. Just below the menu bar, you'll find the connection details for "Quickconnect". These are the only details required to establish a successful connection to the sFTP server.

1.3 sFTP details

To connect to the sFTP server, you need to provide the correct credentials for Host, Username, and Password.

These details are specified below:

Hostname: sftp.wiraya.com

Username & Password: (to be provided)

Port: 22 (if needed)

Once you have entered your credentials, click "Quickconnect". This should generate a dialog box with the following information underneath.

1.4 Navigating in the directory

Your directory contains two folders: "outgoing" and "incoming". If you need to upload a contact list, please ensure that it is placed in the "incoming" folder. The "outgoing" folder is reserved for reports and statistics sent back to you by Wiraya. 

1.5 File requirements 

  • The format should be xlsx. or csv.

  • One file per communication program and brand and country.

  • The filename should include project name, country, YYMMDD – (everything but the date should be identical every time a new file is uploaded (for a certain project)).

2 Troubleshooting

If you encounter difficulty connecting to the sFTP server, the most common issue is a firewall set up by your workspace that blocks access. This can cause the error message "Error: Network error: Connection refused Error: Could not connect to the server". To resolve this, try changing the Host to sftp:// and attempting to connect again.

If you continue to experience the same error, please contact your local IT department and request that they open the firewall for the IP address Additionally, please inform your Wiraya contact of any issues you are experiencing.

2.1 Alternative methods

The address of the FTP-server is sftp.wiraya.com. You can establish a connection via sFTP using port 22. If you are unable to connect through port 22, you can try using port 443 instead.

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