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Here is some detailed information about how to set up link track that will be used to shorten and track links

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Short version:

Wiraya Link Tracker

Link tracking with CNAME redirection on a subdomain

A Link Tracker is a tool that lets Wiraya Cloud keep tabs on individual web links, especially in SMS messages. It generates personalized short links with unique identifiers. When someone clicks, Wiraya Cloud knows who it is, records the action, and then takes them to the destination. This helps Wiraya Cloud report actions improve messaging and conversion rates.

How does it work?

The Wiraya Link Tracker operates by generating personalized short links with unique identifiers for individual recipients. When one of these links is clicked, the Link Tracker captures critical data points. It identifies the specific recipient and records their interaction. This information is then stored before seamlessly redirecting the user to their intended destination.

This functionality provides Wiraya Cloud with valuable insights. They can precisely report on user actions and conversion statistics at an individual level. This detailed data enables them to fine-tune messaging strategies and optimize conversion rates.

In essence, the Link Tracker acts as a bridge between the initial link click and the final destination. It ensures that Wiraya Cloud can accurately track and analyze recipient interactions, enhancing the effectiveness of their messaging campaigns.

Setting Up the Link Tracker: A Quick Guide

Enabling the Wiraya Link Tracker is a straightforward task. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Reach Out to Your DNS Administrator: Contact the person in your organization who manages DNS records. They're the go-to experts for this task.

  2. Ask for "go" CNAME Record: Request them to add a CNAME record with the name "go" (or similar) pointing to

  3. Confirm with Wiraya: Once it's set up, let your Wiraya contact know. They'll take it from there.

Remember, this is a simple task for the right person. Your DNS administrator will know exactly what to do!

โ€‹Technical Version:

Wiraya Link Tracker

Assuming the domain is, the CNAME is set up as follows:


Often, registrars offer user-friendly web interfaces for this task. To add the Link Tracker CNAME:

  1. Log in to your domain account at the registrar or contact the responsible technician for your company's DNS records.

  2. Locate the section for modifying DNS records.

  3. Identify existing CNAME records for your domain, if any.

  4. Add a CNAME record with the following details:

    • Name: go

    • Time to live (TTL): 86,400

    • Record type: CNAME

    • Destination/Value/Answer:

  5. Save and allow time for changes to propagate. Although CNAME record changes may take up to 72 hours to fully propagate, they typically take effect sooner.

After the configuration, communicate the CNAME to your Wiraya contact. Wiraya Cloud will employ your custom CNAME when generating links in the system. A typical link in, for instance, an SMS will appear as follows:

This link is unique to each recipient, enabling precise redirection and interaction tracking.

In cases of incorrect links or errors, provisions are in place to redirect the customer to a tailored error/support page.

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