Wiraya Link Tracker

Link tracking where client using a CNAME redirect on a sub domain

The Link Tracker module makes it possible for Wiraya Cloud to track links (URLs) on an individual level. Whenever a link is used in the system, for instance in a SMS, a short link will be generated that includes a personalized and unique identifier. When the link is clicked, Wiraya Cloud can tell which recipient it was that clicked and store the action before redirecting to the end destination. This enables Wiraya Cloud to report in detail on actions and conversion statistics on an individual level as well as improve on the messaging and conversion rate.

To build trust with the recipient of the messaging, using the official domain name in the links helps. The process of setting this up is simple, but requires access to the administrative interface that configures the DNS records. This is frequently managed by the IT department of the business. This document outlines what needs to be done.

In short, the process involves adding a CNAME record in the zone of the sending party's domain. A CNAME is a form of subdomain that acts as an alias of another location, in this case to Wiraya Cloud. See the following example:

Here we use the domain go.example.com and set up a CNAME to link.wiraya.com

In the most technical way if phrasing this, for the savviest of technicians, this means adding the following record to the zone file of example.com:
go IN CNAME link.wiraya.com.

But frequently, your registrar provides a user friendly web interface to use instead. To add the Link Tracker CNAME to your domain follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your domain's account at your domain registrar or reach out the technician in charge of your company’s DNS records.

  2. Locate the page for updating your domain's DNS records. The page might be called something like DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings.

  3. Locate the CNAME records for your domain. You may already have one or more records for your domain.

  4. Add a CNAME record with the following details. NOTE: you can choose any value you like for the name parameter, but we recommend to keep short. Below is an example:
    Name: go
    Time to live (TTL): 86 400
    Record type: CNAME
    Destination/Value/Answer: link.wiraya.com

  5. Save your changes and wait until they take effect. CNAME record changes can take up to 72 hours to go into effect, but typically they happen much sooner.

Once the configuration is done, send the name of the CNAME to your Wiraya contact. Wiraya Cloud will now use your custom CNAME when generating links in the system. A typical link in for instance an SMS will look like this:

This link is unique to each recipient of the communication. The g7Lx5N allows the system to both redirect the request to the correct destination as well as registering the click as a user interaction.

Incorrect links and errors
If there is any issues with the links, it's possible to redirect the customer to a customized error/support page.

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